One-Eyed Murderer Forces Man to Commit Securities Fraud – A Halloween Special!

Just in time for Halloween!

It was a chilly autumn night in the suburbs of Denver. Down a filthy alley, strewn with rotting Chipotle burritos and prairie dog carcasses, walks a man. He’s a family man, an ordinary man, indistinguishable from other Coloradans in his Columbia fleece, khaki cargo shorts and Nike hiking shoes, except that no other locals would dare walk the streets of Sheridan so late at night.

A vagrant rises suddenly from a pile of leaking garbage bags. His shadowy, hooded silhouette is shrouded in darkness, except for a dim glow coming from a reflector stripe on his own Nike hiking shoes. He shuffles over to the family man. He stops. He unzips the removable hood from his North Face fleece and tucks it into an Eddie Bauer fanny pack. Slowly he lifts his face into the pale moonlight. The family man gasps, petrified. The vagrant has but a single, solitary eye!

And the one-eyed man has a dark proposition:

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