Nebraska Adviser Provides Investment Advice, Firearms.

Bob Bennie on his steed.

An investment adviser in Nebraska wants to arm his clients with more than just sound financial advice.  He wants to arm them in the 2nd Amendment sense. Robert Ray Bennie Jr. of Lincoln, Nebraska, ran a television commercial offering to pay $100 towards the purchase of a firearm to new clients opening accounts with his firm.  Bennie, a tea-party activist, has also been quoted referring to President Obama as a “communist” and a “dishonest” and “evil man.”

Bennie says he has since been subjected to “an unrelenting string of five separate investigations within a four-month period related to his public political statements or advertising” by the Nebraska Department of Banking and Finance, which Bennie claims were politically motivated.  Things went south quickly for Bennie’s career.  But now he’s fighting back, with a rather vicious federal lawsuit against the regulators personally.

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